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Thread: Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Alpha 4 Available

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    Default Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Alpha 4 Available

    Phoronix News: Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Alpha 4 Available

    The Gecko 1.9 Alpha 4 release has resulted in a new release of Firefox 3.0 Alpha 4 (codename: "Gran Paradiso") along with some interesting features. New in this testing release is the FUEL JavaScript library for extension developers, new page information window, Cocoa interface improvements with bug fixes, Mac OS X crash reporting via Breakpad, improvements to offline application support, and miscellaneous bug fixes...

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    I can't get it to compile with GCC 4.1.2 on Gentoo. I was able to compile 3.0 alpha2 just fine with the same ebuild.

    First GCC complains about some deprecated syntax that it only accepts with the -fpermissive flag on. So I added -fpermissive and on my second try got another (apparently unrelated - in a different file) error about something being "not declared in this scope"!

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