I guess I'm on the right place here.

I want to built a new Desktop PC which should work good with Linux (Ubuntu or Debian (I am still undecided) and Windows 7(for college reasons))
I used to know everything about Hardware but that was 5 long years ago and much has changed since then. I have a 2 year-old working laptop but the screen is small the cpu-power is low and I really want to build my own PC within the next few months :-)

I already have a pc case (cheap and looks good) I also have a DVDBurner and Two HDD over (1xWD1600 and 1xWD2500)

- I will propably use it for Browsing, Wordprocessing, watching movies, listening to music and maybe some games (Heroes of Newerth or some games over Wine)

- It shouldn't be too expensive. (400 - 500 possible?)

- I am one of those people who let the Computer turned on all day long, thus it shouldn't use too much electricity.

- and as quit as possible.


please try to be objective and not fanboyish

Thank you :-)