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Thread: Can Michael write a letter to Valve?

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    Default Can Michael write a letter to Valve?

    And all of us can sign it or something. I'm fairly certain posting on their forums is not going to get a reply from them.

    So Valve made it clear that they have no plans to port Steam and the Source Engine over to Linux. So what are their plans for Linux?

    They've made it clear that they won't provide native binaries for Linux. OK, what about wine? A well made game will run fluently under wine (look at id Software for example), especially if that game is already cross platform. And they are providing native Mac OSX binaries.

    This letter could ask (or demand) some sort of Linux support, and make it clear that the Linux community is open, willing, and cooperative. I understand that we may get better results if we post this email publicly, as well as attempt An Executive Email Carpet Bomb.

    Now if I were to write this letter, well I'm some just some guy with a keyboard who uses Linux. Michael has strong business, has successfully contacted developers in the past about Linux support (both ATI and NVidia), and Phoronix has a large community.

    I would like to finish by saying this: could this possibly be any worse or less productive than remaining silent?

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    seems like a reasonable course of action.

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    I like the idea, but it is one you might want to run by Michael... LOL

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    That can be a good idea...

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