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Thread: Enlightement Used On Ubuntu Netbook ARM

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    Default Enlightement Used On Ubuntu Netbook ARM

    Phoronix: Enlightement Used On Ubuntu Netbook ARM

    There's an ARM architecture port of Ubuntu Netbook Remix to support the growing number of netbooks and other mobile devices out there that are shipping with ARM CPUs. Unfortunately, most of the ARM devices out there lack any open-source graphics support especially for 3D acceleration, which hampers the nice Clutter-based interface found on the x86 spin of Ubuntu Netbook Remix...

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    I wonder if the slew of Linux-based smartphones coming out will coax Imagination Technologies into developing OSS drivers for their GPUs? Sure, I doubt the handset manufacturers have any ideological problems with a closed-source driver, but if they ever have to push out an urgent security fix that breaks compatibility with a binary blob, they might find a practical need for OSS drivers.

    Or it's just wishful thinking on my part. :/

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    This is wonderful news for me - I was considering to get one of those arm tablets that keep being mentioned in the wake of the not-so-fascinating ipad. And I also wanted to run e17 on it, this way my workload on getting this to run will be somewhat minimized \o/.

    Does anyone know the ubuntu release scales with the efl release plans? Last year around this time the announced release plan foresaw a beta around xmas. Will Canonical get involved financially and try to force a release till april?


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    E17 is my favorite DE (yes E17 is not a WM anymore) next to KDE. It just sucks that it aint finnished yet.

    Hopefully this will put E back on the map but FFS this masterpiece is taking too long xD

    *Yeah yeah comtribute or stop whining* :P

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