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Thread: Does a grand evil conspiracy lie behind specific Desktop Environments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackStar View Post
    Better summed up as, "My god, what have I done?"
    Maybe you shot in your foot?

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    ATTN : Reverend Anne L. Schlesinger of LeGrand Methodist Church

    Dear Reverend Anne Schlesinger:

    This is a difficult matter to bring to your attention. But I do
    not believe that your husband David N. "Lefty" Schlesinger has made
    you aware of certain illegal and immoral activities that he is
    engaging in regards to his pornographic and harassment/stalking
    websites. I do not know if you are even aware of Lefty's 16 year
    career of stalking and harassment, which seems to have begun with
    his menacing threats and extortion demands on the Waldorf school
    teacher Kathy Sutphen. I doubt someone of your position in the
    Church *could* be aware of such horrendous activities and not stop
    them immediately and by any means. Currently, Lefty under the name
    'stonemirror' and in his own civil name is harassing several
    parties unrelated to me. This in addition to Lefty even of this
    morning contacting some friends of mine I haven't even talked to in
    months and harassing them. Worst of all, Lefty has decided to
    increase his harassment of my person by purchasing from my ex-
    partner several home made pornographic photographs over ten years
    old which he has now illegally published on one of his many
    harassment websites, . Here is a
    link to the photo in question, one of many:
    This material was never public in any way until your husband David
    "Lefty" Schlesinger made it public in order to harm and stalk my
    This not only illegal cyberstalking on Lefty's part, it is civil
    court actionable on many counts including willful invasion of
    privacy and infliction of emotional distress. If you can stop your
    husband Lefty, perhaps we can avoid involving the police and/or
    civil attorneys in this matter. David needs your help, his actions
    are not those of a sane and sober man. Are you aware of his drug
    problem, Anne? He blogs about it and also blogs about his sexual
    adventures with the prostitutes of Tokyo. These blogs can be
    accessed on, and I will provide these links if you
    request them.
    The following WHOIS link has your and David's home address on it,
    499 Balch Way, Ben Lomand, CA. This proves that the site extinct- is the creation of Lefty and Lefty only. Though in
    fact, Lefty makes it a public boast that he owns this
    stalking/harassment site with its stolen, unauthorized pornographic
    Lefty also runs two other websites devoted to harassing my family
    Here are other links which document Lefty's harassment of myself,
    my extended family, and several other unrelated individuals:
    Anne: your husband Lefty has been called out as mentally
    unbalanced by his own work colleague the internationally regarded
    Bruce Perens.
    I believe only you can get him the help he needs, and make him stop
    this vile and disgusting and illegal activity he is engaged in,
    driven by his obvious mental illness.
    Reverend Anne, will you do something
    to help your husband and also help his stalking victims escape his
    insane actions?
    The Victims of David "Lefty" Schlesinger aka 'stonemirror', and
    your husband, Anne.
    Here is Kathy Sutphen's own documented testimony of the horrendous
    harassment Lefty inflicted on her, which left her with symptoms of
    severe mental and physical trauma:
    Specifically, Kathy Sutphen writes
    )Yesterday I received _six_ emails from this Schelsinger aka
    Lefty. All of
    have since publicly accused David Schlesinger of “extortion” (a
    felony), “mail fraud” (a Federal crime), and threatening to get in
    touch with the police, his service provider, his employer...
    since 1996, Schlesinger has been making the same rants,
    threats, insults and complaints
    against many different people, like a broken record!
    "I intend to avail myself of every legal means necessary to
    collect the fees which I contend that these people owe me. I am
    also considering taking action against them for tortious
    interference in attempting to infringe my ability to earn a living,
    and for libel and defamation of character for the unfounded charges
    they have made in this public forum of Mr. Dugan’s."- David "Lefty"
    Schlesinger aka "stonemirror"
    repeating himself with the same vain threats since 1996 !!!
    October 23, 2009 12:49 PM
    Anonymous said...
    more blackmail from David "Lefty" Schlesinger, again in his own
    words, on his own blog:
    First off, one of your supposed “friends” pointed your little
    garbage-hunting list out to me. The same kind of “friends” who send
    me pictures of you, in flagrante delicto, hogtied just like the
    squealing little piglet you consistently prove yourself to be.
    stonemirror said this to me on July 17, 2008 at 11:49 am
    And here in Lefty's own words, is admission of his publishing of
    the pornographic photos which he even claims absurd copyright to!
    As if he had made the photographs himself!
    January 8th, 2010
    Lefty at most said “Taking it up the ass”, which one could argue to
    have ambiguous multiple meanings.
    That was meant in an absolutely literal, and purely descriptive,
    I’ve received on a few occasions, unsolicited, photographs of a
    rather pornographic nature from several, shall we say, ex-friends
    of Mr. “Octagon” (aka Jxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxx, aka Mxxxxxx Lxxx
    Axxxxxxx, aka Mxxxxxx Rxxxx Nxxxx, aka “Sandy Laphon”, aka “sandala
    lafoan”, aka “Sondy Lafon”, aka “Umberto”, aka “ZQB”).
    They weren’t “purchased” nor was anything provided by me in
    exchange for them. They’re archived on a disk, quite safely, along
    with the voluminous other evidence I have against Mr. Hughes there.
    I’m offering a reward for an address for him, so that legal papers
    can be served on him, and a case pursued: see http://extinct- His sole skill seem to be avoiding being found in
    the real world, hence the plethora of sock-puppets he uses.
    quoted verbatim from David N. "Lefty" Schlesinger aka 'stonemirror'

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    oh, sandALfoan, are you the person stalking Lefty who tried to get him fired?

    You should remove that pile of lies you posted right NOW.

    @Micheal, please remove that stuff and ban that user. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by energyman View Post
    oh, sandALfoan, are you the person stalking Lefty who tried to get him fired?

    You should remove that pile of lies you posted right NOW.

    @Micheal, please remove that stuff and ban that user. Thank you.

    There is not one, single lie in anything I posted. It is all evidenced, sourced, and easily verified.

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    Apparently, "sandAlfoan" recently started harassing Lefty's family. Lefty has now contacted the authorities to investigate the matter.

    About time this idiot is brought to justice.

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    Default catch a clue.

    Yes, indeed, it is time for Lefty to face some justice for his stalking crimes and his over the top and egregious lies.

    Even Bruce Perens called Lefty a liar in public.

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    Default stalking family goes like this...

    Lefty has sent 26 emails to my ex-wife and her new husband in the last 3 days. I haven't spoken to them in months, but 12 years ago we all shared a website for a band. He also filed fraudlent ICANN complaints against their websites, which I am not so much as mentioned on at all.

    Lefty is the stalker, harasser and publisher of once private sexual photos of various parties.

    I am not the stalker/harasser here. Lefty is.

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    yeah, sure. I really believe a quote miner. Lefty had to deal with a couple of semi-criminal stalkers in the past. He even has shown unmistakable evidence that he is the victim. I tend to believe people like him more than some anti-mono-jihadist.

    Why don't you leave and go back to boycottnovell or groklaw where everybody thinks like you and nobody will argue against you - or be banned.

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    Have a good day.


    Quote Originally Posted by Worst Troll Ever/Lunatic dude
    So go to the police, moron. It's not like Lefty is difficult to find, now is he? On the other hand, who the hell are you, hiding under a pletora of nicks posting rubbish everywhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yotambien View Post
    So go to the police, moron. It's not like Lefty is difficult to find, now is he? On the other hand, who the hell are you, hiding under a pletora of nicks posting rubbish everywhere?
    My nude, bare ass is on a page Lefty owns. That puts every troll lie here to rest.


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