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Thread: GUI still doesn't work after installing PHP5-GTK2

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    Default GUI still doesn't work after installing PHP5-GTK2

    After installing Phoronix Test Suite on Ubuntu 9.10 RC, the GUI would fail saying that PHP-GTK is required.

    So I installed php5-gtk2, but when I run the GUI, it still says that PHP-GTK must be installed.

    It's hard to find an Ubuntu package for PHP-GTK, but I found one here:

    Which actually refers to:

    I believe I have satisfied the PHP-GTK requirement. What else must I do to get a working GUI for the Phoronix Test Suite?


    Ken Fuchs

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    Hi Ken,

    Is there an in your php.ini file?

    If you're on Ubuntu 64-bit, you can add and then still add the extension line.

    Also see:


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