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Thread: Moblin 2.1 Is Coming, Moblin Garage Opened

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    Default Moblin 2.1 Is Coming, Moblin Garage Opened

    Phoronix: Moblin 2.1 Is Coming, Moblin Garage Opened

    There's three important announcements coming out of Intel's Developer Forum today as it relates to their Moblin Linux distribution that launched two years ago: Moblin 2.0 final has been released, Moblin 2.1 is under development, and Moblin Garage and the Moblin Application Installer have been introduced.Moblin 2.0 came about earlier this year and in particular we love it for its very fast boot times and very impressive user-interface that is driven by the Clutter Tool-kit. Moblin 2.0 has been gaining lots of steam the past few months and many distributions (including Ubuntu with the Ubuntu Moblin Remix) have created their own spins of this Intel-conceived operating system...

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    I feel really sad these days.. The all new and glorious Maemo5 is out there, but it won't run on my N810.. The all new Moblin 2.1 (but not so glorious as Maemo5) is out there but won't run on my EeePC 701..

    Damn it

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