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Thread: HD-video hardware acceleration on Radeon HD3470

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    Default HD-video hardware acceleration on Radeon HD3470

    Acer 5530g laptop with HD3470. OS - Debian Lenny x86-64 with latest ATI Catalyst 9.8. Want to activate hardware acceleration for comfortable watching HD-video. Multithread-build mplayer and duo cpu core is'nt enough for 1920x1080@30fps.

    Is it possible to use hw accel in linux for my video, on 64bit platform? I dont fully understand hd-video acceleration mechanism now, seems like it work only for 32-bit. In lenny libamdxvba exist only as 32-bit lib.

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    I was under the impression that HD acceleration doesn't work on AMD hardware under Linux, full stop. Neither under fglrx, nor with the free drivers.

    Has something changed recently?

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