I use the latest Catalyst 9.6 with Ubuntu 9.04 (all updates) and I am somewhat not able to suspend or hibernate my PC. Older versions (9.4 and 9.5) don't work either. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? If I remember correctly I can suspend and hibernate with the opensource drivers on this PC.

Details about my PC: mainboard is an Asus M3A-H/HDMI with a discrete Sapphire RadeonHD 3470 in Hybrid Crossfire mode. Swap is 2 GB as the PC has 2 GB RAM. The complete system (except /boot) is encrypted.
If more infos are need pls. ask!

Question is: should I be able to suspend and hibernate with fglrx and Hybrid Crossfire enabled?

Thanks. Grimsrud

Ps: By "don't be able" I mean the PC tries to power down but does not. It's just sitting there with a blank screen and a blinking "_" (don't know how to name it... maybe cursor?).