I have a Thinkpad Advanced Dock station for my T60p, and I was considering adding a PCIe card to the dock. According to Lenovo, I would need a low-profile card with a certain power-consumption. They list no other technical requirements. However, there are two caveats in actual practice:

1) The only card that Lenovo ever supported was an X1300 (vs the V5250 chip in my T60p - no win there!).
2) The X1300 card seems to have needed a specially-modified driver in order to work properly in the docking station (with Windows).

Other people have reported various degrees of unsuccess with other low profile PCIe cards in the Advanced Dock. (Again, with Windows.)

Does anyone know what is happening here, please? I am hoping that any compatibility problems with the Advanced Dock are only at the driver level, and that the reason that Lenovo only supported the X1300 card was that they couldn't be bothered to get the drivers working for any subsequent low-profile cards.

This would make the Open Source Radeon driver the last best hope for graphics cards in the Thinkpad Advanced Dock...

Thanks for any insights,