For me, hitting "Defaults" clocks back to whatever overclock I applied previously. Say my current GPU clocks are 625 (default) and I overclock to 690, if I hit "Defaults" before I hit "Apply" it goes back to 625; however, if I hit "Apply" and set the 690 overclock, the "Defaults" key greys out. Now if I change the frequency again (say to 650) and hit "Defaults", it goes to 690 instead of the true default value of 625.
The default key shouldn't grey out, the apply key should though. I didn't have this happening on my computer but after looking at the code it should have happened Well I made B3 version which should fix this problem, thanks.

Works on my dual card setup (although it only controls the first card)
Yes didn't have a way to try it when testing so I was not sure how it would behave. Will try and modify the gui later to show multiple card setup and then someone with multiple gpu can give it a spin

you might want to use in the future. At least it works with konqueror and does not alter files.
Using it now, thanks.

A feature I wouldn't mind seeing is cli profile selection, useful for gamers.

I knocked up a quick icon for use with Cairo-dock, not sure on the legality of it though.
Will try and integrate the icon for the system tray. Someone @ati might want to comment on legality, otherwise we can remove the I As for the cli profile selection that would be nice, with the unfortunately few games for linux I can probably hard code each game's profile...