I like to try that utility, but:

1. It seg faults under Arch 64-bit under kde 4.2.3, with all the QT libs installed.
2. Where are the sourcecode?
Do you know which catalyst version you are using and which gpu? Could you post a stack trace? As for the code was thinking of putting it up once it's more stable and cleaned up.

I'm also getting seg. faults with Ubuntu Jaunty.
If you could also post a stack trace that would be helpful. In general, to have the following info would be useful

-64 or 32 bit
-Catalyst version
-Video card type
-Stack trace
-Qt libs version

I had read in the AMD dev forum that support on pre r500 ADL API was not the same as r500+, e.g. some of the API that I used was not implemented for pre r500 card, still have to confirm this with someone or verify it myself...

I also updated the requirements. I hadn't put libdl and libpthread since most distro comes with it but just in case it might cause some problems...