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Its interesting that nine years after Microsoft released a 64-bit edition of Windows XP there are still only a handful of 64-bit apps for Windows. You can't even get Silverlight for 64-bit IE (The only 64-bit browser for Windows last I checked).

Contrast with Linux where you can get just about everything in 64-bit or 32-bit versions. You can get 64-bit Moonlight for your 64-bit Firefox if you really wanted to. That's kinda funny.

The exceptions are the few (very few) closed source games that made it over to Linux and Windows software via Wine.

Linux users should count themselves lucky I guess. You could be suck in the Windows world: running a 64-bit OS for nothing because nearly all your software is still 32-bit.
A lot of the reason you don't see 64-bit applications for windows is simply because many of the apps do not require the large memory ability or see any real improvement over 32-bit so making them in 64-bit is just added development time for no real increase in revenue. Several of the large applications that can actually exploit that though have been available in 64-bit flavor for quite a while such as Pro/E, Maya, 3dsmax, photoshop, etc.

BTW Windows XP for x86-64 has been around for only 6 years.