I am getting a new computer soon, and of course I am drooling about overclocking and stuff ;-)

Long story short, I installed PTS in my old machine to start playing. I think the easy access to global and how you can make comparisons with online results is incredibly cool and useful.

What I found lacking is in usability for someone who wants a quick test. Anyone used geekbench? It is a pleasure. Click, download, run, and you get a score for your machine. And you get in a minute or two in a slow machine. Granted, it is lacking disk and graphics performance, but I think we could use something like this. I have some ideas, and I am planning to post in the sticky thread for this forum (PTS). But I wonder if such a quick and to the point suite already exists? I saw a bunch of "sys performance" suites, but they involve 100Mb or more of downloads, and many dozen minutes of runtime. Am I missing something?

Thanks so much Michael and all for the great work!