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Thread: A bit of a tease and an Announcement. :)

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    Default A bit of a tease and an Announcement. :)

    Yes. That's the Indie game Caster running on one of my desktop machines.
    No, that isn't running under WINE (Even though it does well under it...).
    Yes. It's coming to Linux pretty soon now.

    I've got a handful of things to work out that're not quite "right" with what I want and I'm pretty sure Mike wants on this, so it's not officially ready for beta testing. When it becomes available, there will be a very limited closed test run on it. An announcement will happen when it does go into beta.

    When it comes available, it will be purchaseable and downloadable from Elecorn's site, just like the Windows and MacOS titles and at the same price. Subsequent episodes will be available to the purchasers and it's the same price for the whole thing. Installment 1 is out now. Installment 2 is in development along with the iPhone, Linux, and Pandora/Beagleboard versions right now.
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