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I confirm that X start up crashes at the nex start-up unless I reset the default values.

My config is Fedora 10 on a Gigabyte MA78GPM-DS2H mother boeard (HD3200 chipset with 128MB of dedicated video RAM). Monitor a Samsumg TV (LEA52) on HDMI port.

Please, if at least I could issue an aticonfig command to restore my parameters automatically when Gnome session is opened, that would be nice (rather than going manually into CCC each time)

I was having the same issue when fixing underscan using CCC. What worked for me was to fix the underscan in CCC for the display and then clicking the override default button right below it. The settings were saved on the next reboot. No more underscan.

I could not, however, change the refresh rate from 24Hz to 60Hz.

Hope this helps.