The first alpha release of Phoronix Test Suite 1.6 is now available. Phoronix Test Suite 1.6 "Tydal" will be released in the first quarter of the 2009 calendar year and will feature major underlying improvements to the testing core (pts-core), enhanced Operating System support, new test profiles, and other changes. Continuing in the theme of the earlier codenames in the Phoronix Test Suite 1.x series, version 1.6 is being called Tydal, which is another town within Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0 Alpha 1 features over 50 changes since the release of Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.2 and the diff output amounts to nearly 11,000 lines.

The major changes in 1.6.0 Alpha 1 include greater code modularization, a new assignment framework, the introduction of several new code classes, new functionality being added to the PTS module system API, beginning to standardize the pts-core API, enhancements for FreeBSD 7 support, and various bug fixes. The RequiresRoot tag, which has been part of the test profile specification for some time, has been finally implemented within pts-core.

Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0 Alpha 1 can be downloaded @ The next alpha release will likely be in two or three weeks. We welcome all testing and feedback of this early development release.

Michael Larabel

Phoronix Test Suite 1.6.0 Alpha 1
November 22, 2008

- pts-core: Add pts_set_assignment(), pts_read_assignment(), pts_is_assignment(), pts_set_assignment_once(), pts_clear_assignment() and pts_clear_assignments()
- pts-core: Switch over relevant define statements to using new PTS assignment functions for program-wide option-specific variable constants
- pts-core: Add pts_test_profile_details class
- pts-core: Add pts_test_suite_details class
- pts-core: Add pts_user_module_details class
- pts-core: Add pts_installed_test_details class
- pts-core: Add pts_test_usage_details class
- pts-core: Add pts_test_results_details class
- pts-core: Add pts_test_result_info_details class
- pts-core: Readjust pts-run-cmd.php code to not be reliant on some items
- pts-core: Drop pts-functions-extras.php and move those functions to other files
- pts-core: Modularize all Phoronix Test Suite run-time user options into options/ classes and using phoronix-test-suite.php interface
- pts-core: Remove pts-run-cmd.php now that all options are modularized
- pts-core: Remove pts-run-test.php now that now that its code is modularized as option run_test
- pts-core: Relocate initialization code to be called from phoronix-test-suite.php
- pts-core: Add STATIC_DIR (pts-core/static/) for some static files
- pts-core: Add static/hal-values-remove.txt to contain a list of all HAL strings to remove if found, instead of having it coded within an array
- pts-core: Add static/info-strings-remove.txt to contain a list of all information strings to remove if found, instead of having it coded within an array
- pts-core: Add static/info-strings-replace.txt to contain a list of all information strings to replace with another value if found, instead of having it coded within an array
- pts-core: Move module-variables.txt to STATIC_DIR
- pts-core: Add static/process-reporting-checks.txt to contain a list of processes to check for and report to the results viewer, instead of having it coded within an array
- pts-core: Switch a few global variables to static
- pts-core: Unify the XSL for the PTS Results Viewer and use a PHP function to insert the respective PNG/SVG markup when saving the results
- pts-core: Add pts_run_option_command() for modularizing executing PTS tasks
- pts-core: Add __pre_option_process() and __post_option_process() to PTS module system
- pts-core: Add "null" to hal-values-remove.txt
- pts-core: Only install external dependencies for tests that are supported on the system (such as with platform and architecture limitations)
- pts-core: Fix for URL empty bug (reported by Stef Telford and Bene18)
- pts-core: Drop ArgumentName profile tag code that's been deprecated since PTS 1.4+ in favor of ArgumentPrefix
- pts-core: Add SearchMediaForCache option that's enabled by default in user-config.xml to automatically search for download caches on removable devices (mounted within /media/)
- pts-core: Use static variable for PTS type caching
- pts-core: Branch out classes from pts-generic-classes.php
- pts-core: Standardize all pts-core official functions with pts_, sw_, hw_, or read_ prefix
- pts-core: Fix graphics constant warnings generated in pts_extended_init()
- pts-core: PTS_START_TIME -> PTS_INIT_TIME and add pts_elapsed_time() function to return the time (in seconds) that the option or pts-core has been running
- pts-core: Eliminate THIS_RUN_TIME constant and add preferred way of using pts_unique_runtime_identifier()
- pts-core: Add fallback option support for read_sysctl()
- pts-core: Add internal caching support for lspci and lsb_release information
- pts-core: Fixes in FreeBSD 7 support
- pts-core: Return false on failure from read_pci() instead of "Unknown" string
- pts-core: Return false on failure from read_lsb() instead of "Unknown" string
- pts-core: Return false on failure from read_sysctl() instead of "Unknown" string
- pts-core: Return false on failure from read_hal(), read_system_hal() instead of "Unknown" string
- pts-core: Eliminate use of global variables in PTS modules support
- pts-core: Finish eliminating use of all global variables throughout pts-core
- pts-core: Implement RequiresRoot tag that has been part of the PTS test profile specification for some time
- pts: Add External Dependencies support for FreeBSD using pkg_add command
- pts: Update most test profiles to reflect whether they are supported on *BSD operating systems
- pts: Enable hdparm test profile to use RequiresRoot capabilities
- tandem_XmlReader: Switch caching from using a GLOBALS variable to using a static variable within the XML reading class
- tandem_XmlReader: Write internal regular expression matcher for systems where preg_match and preg_match_all aren't available
- system_monitor: Update it to work with new APIs
- graphics_override, email_results, toggle_screensaver: Update to take advantage of latest API