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    Angry This is laughable

    When I updated to 8.9, everything broke. ETQW didn't work anymore, and even aticonfig broken up (aticonfig --lsp told me I had no POWERplay...).

    Ok, I thought, they just need more time. So I went back to 8.8.

    Now 8.10 is out, it's even worse. aticonfig is still broken, performance is about 50% of 8.8 and nothing works right when it comes to 3D.

    Whatever AMD is doing, it's not working on the fglrx driver. I wonder how they managed to get so much crap into this release...

    For those few who might be using my APower utility for power setting on laptop cards, don't update past 8.8. You won't be able to set power modes (not my fault).
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