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Honestly, I think they suck. NO AM3, no HT 3.0 and NO DDR3.
Eh? HT3.0 is already part of AM2+.

And the AM2+ processors all have DDR3-capable memory controllers, it's just that nobody has made any DDR3 motherboards for them. And as far as I can tell, there's really not much point at the moment.

And Core i7 is waaaay ahead of it. Multimedia performance is so low compared to Yorkfield and Bloomfield. And AMD has nothing to combat Intel's HT Technology.
i7 is definitely far ahead. Nothing else to say about that.

As for multimedia, I'm still suspicious of the compiler technology; architecturally K10's SSE support looks really good on paper. It seems to me that we just haven't seen code that was generated properly to take full advantage of it. And HT really doesn't buy anything if you can keep your active cores sufficiently fed that they have fewer stalls.