Holy ...shaving cream! Look at the size of that file!

I'm trying to run the test suite from the X4500 IGP article, and how many GB of download is this? The 271 MB file chocked and timed out six times, at least. It took over 90 minutes alone.

It'd be great to have a bit torrent option on our downloads from Phoronix. I don't really care how long it takes. I just like the community element of Bit Torrent. You could do an RSS video feed every now and then, too.

And I wish you'd consider that contribution share ratio idea. How does the community decide what to contribute if we have no idea what the operating costs are? Communication is fundamental to community, and communication involves listening as well as speaking, Micheal. For all I know, you're swimming in cash.

Thanks all!

Live responsibly and please don't drink and breathe.