Given that nowadays most new gfx-cards deliver framerates well beyond perfect playability with Nexuiz at default settings I wonder if the test suite could raise the bar a bit.

Nexuiz e.g. ships with demos/demo4, which is playing on the "Ruiner" map. This one features reflective/refractive water. The demo itself is a frantic-makes-no-sense battle against way too many bots, given way heavier stress onto the renderer than average "real" Nexuiz matches.

When tested with the Nexuiz high-quality preset (which enables reflective/refractive water amongst other things) that demo e.g. brings my Radeon 3850 onto its knees, dipping well into the low 20ies framerate-wise.

Such an additional test wouldn't require any new game files, it would simply have to activate the high quality preset (execute high.cfg) and let demo4 run.

By the way, it would make sense if the standard Nexuiz test would also choose a fixed quality preset so people who accidentially screw up their quality settings can still deliver comparable results.