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Thread: Debian@amd64 (sid/experimental) + RV535

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    Unhappy Debian@amd64 (sid/experimental) + RV535


    At first, I want to thank phoronix team for their great work. I learned from this site a lot of stuff. (I am "just now" registered user :P )

    And now here is my problem. I have Sapphire Radeon 1650PRO (RV535), Debian GNU\Linux sid branch (+ experimental repo, libdrm2 from this branch) and I am using radeon driver.

    Problem is that I can't get 3D accel.

    glxinfo returns unknown chip ID message. So I think that I have old Mesa libs. With Mesa libs 7.1RC (self-compiled) glxinfo returns RGB visuals problem msg (Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual
    ). Maybe Xserver-xorg is too old, BUT how to fix all those problems with clear shield? (I am tried ubuntu HH repo, but xserver core broke xserver, I have core, but executables ["X"] were missing - dependency problem, --force-ignore isn't a solution)

    Without broken dependencies, without broken mesa libs, without broken kernel modules, without...

    Waiting for stable release of xserver and mesa-libs is painful. Because nobody know when it will be released.

    Is possible to solve my issue?

    If somebody have clear solution or idea for me, please help.


    PS: (bad EN, I know, sorry.)
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