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Thread: Updated Intel, ATI DRM For Linux 2.6.26

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    Default Updated Intel, ATI DRM For Linux 2.6.26

    Phoronix: Updated Intel, ATI DRM For Linux 2.6.26

    Red Hat's David Airlie has requested that Linus Torvalds pulls in a slew of DRM patches in time for the Linux 2.6.26 kernel release. The Linux 2.6.26-rc7 kernel will be out any day now, but David Airlie is requesting these patches get in as most of the work has been well-tested -- aside from the Intel GMA 4-Series work that was committed just days ago...

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    This is what I was waiting for :-)
    I'm really curious to see how new microcode and further tweaks (thanks to new documentation) could boost performance on my r200 ATi video card XD (well on a 9200se I think the boost will more or less 0 XD)

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