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...Do you know the technical reasons for this issue. PBIs in PCBSD solve this problem, can't we do the same in Linux? In seems easy enough for a huge hassle.

With Windows not only do I get the latest apps the second they come out, but they backport system software like .NET 4.5.1 all the way back to Vista, which came out seven years ago!
In fact PC-BSD used their old PBI format for one reason. Old PKG_ tools in FreeBSD had no real dependency solving, leading easily to ugly situations. So they just wrapped every dependency needed to PBI-container, making PBI software both quite bloated and quite slow to run. Somewhat later they added some dependency finder themselves, making PBI's to use compatible libraries from other PBI software, mitigating size needs. Nowadays on version 10.03 PBI's are just wrapping aroun pkgng packages, mainly containing package file itself, some graphical presentation for AppCafe installer and some textual description about software. Whole AppCafe system reminds me of Ubuntu's software center.