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Thread: SSD seems slow

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    Quote Originally Posted by nslay View Post
    I don't care. I don't even care how it works. It's a black box like any other SATA storage device. Any HDD I connect works without me having to do anything special and I have this reasonable expectation of any other SATA storage device (regardless of SDD). And on top of that, having to format GBs (maybe even TBs) to get that performance is a waste of time. And to expect a typical computer user to know that is preposterous. It's really stupid. Either your drive sucks or SDD technology is lacking (gee, maybe the vendor can pre-format it?).
    Oh, you suggested formatting at the factory.

    Sorry, I have this bad habit where I don't read posts/e-mails carefully.

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    seems like there's no AHCI mode option but RAID - so try setting it to that according to:

    even thought the JMicron JMB363 might be slow - it in fact does support AHCI ,

    I remember from a P5W DH Deluxe board which had a JMB 363 that the combined internal/external SATA/eSATA port supported AHCI

    also try switching between the i/o schedulers (noop, deadline, cfq) whether that makes a change (which in certain cases does)

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