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Thread: Intel Beignet Is Working Out Surprisingly Well For OpenCL On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sdar View Post
    I'm an AMD user, but I'll probably go to the green side soon...

    Anyway what's your point? AMD can't be blamed for not having any GPGPU implementation with true function calls support because they don't have "top flight devs"? that's your point?
    Yeah nvidia Opencl is slower but it compiles big kernels flawlessly, Intel Opencl on CPU works great too but AMD compiler has problems on both GPUs and CPUs and it's a well known bug since 2010~2011 so there's no excuse.

    Physx is just middleware that uses Cuda so it's only working with nvidia cards but it's just the same with MANTLE that don't works even with older amd cards nor with any other vendor.

    For game developers and professional software it's usually recommended to use nvidia if you need a good Opengl 4.x experience so this is one of the main reasons of why they have their defenders in the linux community.
    Of course amd can, and should and ARE blamed, for their lackluster opencl support. What you are missing is that they have a history of such efforts while Nvidia is obviously intentionally crippling the cross platform alternative to cuda. Is that more clear? You mentioning a well known bug that and has failed to fix is simply indicative of their poor software support. Nvidia has no such excuse, simply their desire for lock in.
    Physx had been around fat longer than mantle. Mantle had the excuse of being new, and mantle had been offered to khronos as the basis for the new ogl.
    Before we go any further you need to realize this about me: I don't care about either company. I'm going to avoid Nvidia cards b/c of their support, and would buy an amd card if I needed a dedicated solution, but Intel doors the best with their Linux drivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 89c51 View Post
    One more question. Beignet needs some X stuff. Are they planning to introduce support for wayland at some point.
    Current beignet requires some X stuff is for DRI authentication only.
    If there is no X server existing, beignet should not depends on any
    X stuff and will try to open the card directly. It works if current user
    has the access permission. So beignet should not always depends
    on X stuff, next version (coming soon) will fix this issue.

    For other display server, such as wayland or android, upstream beignet
    hasn't support them yet.

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