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Thread: LLVM 3.5 RC4 Released

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    Default LLVM 3.5 RC4 Released

    Phoronix: LLVM 3.5 RC4 Released

    A fourth release candidate for LLVM 3.5 had to be issued today over running into a pesky issue that needed to be resolved...

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    Default Sure, there're no bugs. Except GPU deadlock/blatant stderr flood on AMD GPUs.

    Sure. there're no release blockers. Except THIS LITTLE AND EASY TO REPRODUCE CRAP which is known to exist for a while. At least it floods stderr to the hell with internal LLVM errors and then GPU crashes (not sure if that's LLVM's own breakage or some underlying failure like memory management issue). Hey, AMD guys, where're you? This bug hangs here for a week and nobody even bothered self to triage it. I wonder if someone reads this bugtracker at all. Or maybe I did something wrong when filing this bug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0xBADCODE View Post
    Or maybe I did something wrong when filing this bug?
    Nothing wrong, but somewhat whatever you see Can't spill VGPR! / Can't retrieve spilled VGPR! messages it is connected with this known bug:

    So it is not implemented yet, only workarounded in some cases but not yours... at least to not lockup would be fine i know .
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