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Thread: Radeon Graphics Yield Mixed Results With Linux 3.17 Kernel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Creak View Post
    Hi there!

    I made a PHP script that tries to display the OpenGL compliance of Mesa across the different drivers:

    It's on GPLv3.
    It's not perfect yet, so if you see some bugs, feel free to tell me (github would be the best for that:

    GL_ARB_get_program_binary DONE (0 binary formats)
    is being displayed as done for mesa, not done for all hardware. It should probably be done for all - even though it's taking advantage of the spec that just says it can do nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isedonde View Post
    Just three GL 4 features (out of 25) are missing for the i965 driver,
    I swear, when I looked yesterday, most of the bars for i965 were red...

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    Hi guys!

    Well, a lot of fixes got in these past two days thanks to some awesome fellow that offered pull requests!
    That might explain why the intel driver is more accurate now, tomtomme

    For the extension implementation, AFAIK the extension must be first implemented in mesa, then (if necessary, which is in most cases) it has to be implemented for all the drivers.
    For instance, the swrast driver is a software driver, no GPU acceleration here. So, for this driver, all the code has to be written entirely for each extension.
    For the other drivers like i965, nvc0 or r600, the idea is to plug the mesa extension into the right function in the GPU's API (that's why it was a releaf when ATI opened up their specs).

    That's what I understand of all this. It makes sense to me, but I might be wrong

    Oh and don't worry, my host won't get down any time soon. I have it for more than 10 years now, and I don't plan to get it down!
    Anyway, the code is open source, so anyone can execute the script anywhere
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    Default Hd 7850 & r9 270x

    Why is there a difference between HD 7850 and R9 270X?
    The HD 7850 often benefit from the new kernel, the R9 270X does not.
    Very strange!
    It is the same chip (Pitcairn/Curaçao), only different number of shaders and different clock speeds.
    Any idea?

    P.S.: Why does this forum software change the header (uppercase to lowercase)?
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