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Thread: LXQt 0.8 Is Being Released Soon

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    which would be a problem for anyone wanting to carry out presentations from a laptop
    Which would be me... I have a netbook that's used almost only for this reason, and it's running LXQt. Hmm. Then again, it's not that big of a deal when the xrandr program itself exists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spike29 View Post
    Actually, there has been some development activity on Xfce components this summer, especially on xfce4-power-manager (it now supports systemd and upower>=0.99) and mousepad, and lots of bug fixes elsewhere.

    Xfce 4.12 should be released by the end of the year :
    Still no GTK3 migration, though (not before 4.14 release).
    You understand that you're not really providing an argument for active development, right? That sounds more like maintenance mode.

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