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Thread: Steam Survey Results For July 2014 Show A Slight Drop In Linux Usage

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    Default Probably so

    I've found the more stressed I am the less I play games. It's getting almost painful to sit down and play anything that requires thought.

    Hardware-wise, a lot of people have those Naga mice by Razor. Be nice if somebody would start packaging the configurations. I use a Ms natural keyboard and the zoom's only worked once when I spent 2 hrs writing config files. That could also be a reason the usage is down; device DRM that is.

    Off topic,
    While hardly related to the issue with decreased usage of Linux Steam, I have found during a recent install of Ubuntu 14.04 that it was mind numbingly difficult to get the 32 bit libraries installed for Wine. Before this release it was quite easy to issue the command "apt-get install ia32-libs". Now I have to install a certain development lib (gcc-multilib) and some other items. At least the hooks for Steam work almost flawlessly.
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