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Thread: Belkin's WRT54G Router Successor Is Crap On The Software Front So Far

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    Quote Originally Posted by GraysonPeddie View Post
    How would you configure the base station if you don't have a Mac or an iPhone/iPad? I could buy one of Airport Extreme if it can be configured in Linux but then I don't think there's a web interface, right? There's no utility for Linux except for Windows, Mac, and iPhone/iPad devices.
    Indeed. No web interface and you must use the Apple utility to configure the router. Apple has had it like that with older Airport products as well.

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    Also rather insecure. At my uni they had airports serving wifi, and a mac-using friend saw he could have completely owned them with that Apple utility (IIRC by uploading a new firmware which would reset it).

    Perhaps it could be secured and they just didn't, didn't look more into it.

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