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Thread: XBMC Is Being Renamed To "Kodi"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BSDude View Post
    KiX: Kodi is XBMC
    You mean: "KiX: Kix is XBMC."

    Nice idea!

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    Phonetically identical to....

    Most Common White Boy Names Among Low-Education Parents

    1) Cody 2) Travis 3) Brandon 4) Justin 5) Tyler
    The number 1 most common name picked by ignorant/uneducated looser parents in white-trash america.

    Definitely a crap name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doom_Oo7 View Post
    To people complaining it doesn't "sound" media-centre-esque : does Plex sound like an AV software to you ? And Steam a video game one ?
    People 'complaining' about a name that doesn't work for them striking a nerve with you? These are people's observations about what the name means to THEM. You know, a person. Despite their aggravated misgivin's about a simple name =D

    You go from XBMC which has been around a long time to a human name, Kodi, and it's a bit of a 'wtf' moment.

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