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Thread: Meson: A Next-Gen Build System Showing Promise

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    Quote Originally Posted by pal666 View Post
    yes it is
    Thank you for that detailed rebuttal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrYak View Post
    WTF?! Have you ever used autotools?

    The whole point of autotools is, when use them, they drop a "configure" file (and co) in your source that is entirely written in shell script and has mostly no other external dependency.
    Autotools are use to prepare the build system. Not actually to build it. When you run "./configure" on your source to configure and build it, you don't need autotools any more. You can ship your source in a .tar.bz2 and people will be able to use it directly. (as opposed to, e.g.: CMake, qmake, etc. where the user also needs them in order to build/compile).
    Assuming you use a tarball which has prebuilt configure script and that you don't need to patch any of the .am or .ac files. (or old .in). Then you'll need to dig up automake_1_10 or whatever.

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