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Thread: Open-Source AMD Hawaii Support Should Now Be Working!

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    Quote Originally Posted by glisse View Post
    To set the record straight, the issue was found by Red Hat not by AMD, AMD only confirmed issue in closed source firmware for which only AMD has the source. If the issue was being work on by Red Hat this is because we have bug open against RHEL for it, this is as simple as that.

    Just another point is that this show that open source driver is better solution as it allows other players to fix bug by themself without waiting for anyone.
    You did a great job (as usual!)

    And for sure, open source is conceptually more effective than the proprietary model...

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    Just to be clear, it was not a bug in the firmware per se, the issue was that we were using a new packet behavior in the 3D driver that didn't exist in the old firmware. You can use the old firmware if you change the 3D driver to use the old behavior of the packet.

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    Thanks for looking into this ! I got it working as instructed (kernel 3-17-wip, patched ddx, new firmware, glisse's patch for mesa; xorg 1.16 and glamor 0.6). XFCE4 works and gears as well. Yay ! :-)
    I just wonder why I had to install glamor 0.6 ? I thought it was integrated into xorg-server 1.16 now ?

    And I wonder if open firmware would have solved this problem sooner ?

    Quote Originally Posted by vljn View Post
    I can see gdm login screen, but I soon as I enter my session, Xorg hangs (but not the whole system).
    If I use startx and bypass gdm, I can access to gnome shell but when I start gnome-terminal, Xorg hangs too.
    Did you see glisse's patch for mesa on the bug report ? It might fix those issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by profoundWHALE View Post
    You just assumed, that Phoronix assumed, it was because of them writing about it. What I think: It had a minor role to play. I found it helpful that Phoronix tells us it's not working so I don't go out and install Linux (with an r9 290) only to find out that the open-source graphics are not really working right.

    You'll notice that Phoronix often reports on things that are happening in the developer community, and reported several times on this issue because a developer had brought it up again and was like: We have to get this working!
    I assumed nothing. Read his FIRST SENTENCE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droidhacker View Post
    I assumed nothing. Read his FIRST SENTENCE.
    The Larabel fanbois will never accept when he's being a douche.

    He will forever be their messiah.

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