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Thread: Fedora 21 Has Been Delayed By Three Weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delgarde View Post
    The problem is, Fedora releases are *always* delayed. Every single release cycle in recent memory, we've gone through the same pattern of the release being delayed a few weeks, then another few weeks after that.

    Sure, it's better to get things right than to release broken and early - but something's wrong with your project management when you're targeting a six-monthly release cycle, and you're consistently a month or more late in delivering it.
    i might not like the .next policy, but fedora was always best distro i had on hand. quality wise, i always forgave time slips without question.

    maybe they should simply adopt stable date for freeze and not so stable for release. aka. planned release day + 1 month period where it should be released with simple marketing "SHIPS HERE WHEN IT IS PERFECT!". that would definitely lessen delaying and provide reasoning for date range. well... unless people start targeting last day of grace period instead of first. i think main problem is only in the fact that date is specified and people expect that

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamW View Post
    It's actually every release cycle ever, not just in recent memory, I don't think there's ever been a release without a slip.

    It kinda becomes a philosophical question: if everyone knows the schedule isn't going to be hit perfectly, is it really a problem? I kinda don't honestly know the answer. So far as QA goes, we just aim to get the release up to the required quality level as fast as possible. It'd be nice to actually hit the schedule sometime, sure, doesn't seem like it actually matters a whole lot when we're two weeks behind.
    Is it a major problem? Maybe not, but it's still a bad look. If you've been going for more than ten years and twenty releases, and have yet to put a release out on time - maybe, just maybe, your planning could use a bit of work?

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