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I've got every other revision of the GCN GPUs running on the OSS stack without issue, with OpenGL3.3 working, full video playback acceleration etc. Everything from the HD8210 on up to the 280. So tell me, what game with a proper port on Linux that is out today needs anythin faster then the 280? 4K doesn't work on Linux at all and lower end GPUs already handle 1920x1200 perfectly.
That is another bad excuse (btw i don't hear that excuse from devs). I can understand 295X2 does not work (completely) but even that should work with one chip .

To be honest, i dont have a need even for that 280 and i know radeon work fine most of the time on most other chips, but i also know most people simply does not need dedicated cards so nothing more then Kabini/Kaveri . And i tend to think those APUs are best supported in the opensource driver .

That said most gamers will likely want to have anything with GDDR5 memory, that is enough. Next step are cards with more shaders and bus width 256/384/512.

So this HAWAII is nothing but BONAIRE as i understand, but with more shaders and 512 bus width... so i don't see a single reason (other than these techincal problems in driver development) to not supporting it . Who knows, maybe this has something to do with not so common 512 bus width on Deskop GPUs, not sure if regs/firmwares need to handle that somehow .