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Thread: Preview: Benchmarking CentOS 7.0 & Scientific Linux 7.0

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    Default Preview: Benchmarking CentOS 7.0 & Scientific Linux 7.0

    Phoronix: Preview: Benchmarking CentOS 7.0 & Scientific Linux 7.0

    CentOS 7.0 was released this week and that came just days after the first alpha of Scientific Linux 7, both of which are based upon last month's release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. With these new community-based EL7 releases coming about, it's time for some fresh Enterprise Linux benchmarking and performance monitoring on Phoronix.

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    Interesting tests.

    I wonder how smooth could be the transition from Fedora to CentOS (with a clean install of course) specifically for customs packages like Steam or Google Earth (i.e. I used to have a lot of issue in running GE on my RHEL 6.0 at work).

    I'm asking because I'm getting bored and bothered by high-frequency updates of Fedora. I like that I can try new stuffs, but each times I need to update the Kernel I cross my fingers for a smooth update, specially for the Nvidia blobs. I have sometimes some headaches in setting up everything back to normal. As I also use my station for work (scientific stuffs so computing, visualization and data mining) as well as for other stuffs (i.e. steam, photo editing for most of it) I wonder if I should move totally for CentOS as it is a long-term distro with a stable settlement at a price of having "older" packages.

    Do you guys have any feedbacks on that? Thanks

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