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Thread: A Variety Of Unreal Engine 4 Linux Demos Are Now Available

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    The demos work fine here using the default gl3 renderer. A bit slowly on my old GTS 450 (nvidia's blob version 334) and perfectly on a GTX 760 (driver 340.24). With -opengl4 the 450 produces a mostly black screen (something weird going on with the shaders, or maybe half a gig of vmem isn't enough?) and the 760 simply crashes. There are also weird differences in scene lighting between the two setups. I'd upgrade the driver on my work box, but it's so damn hot today I doubt I can be arsed...

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    -opengl4 is not working for me either, I have an Nvidia GTX670 with blobs 337.25. Works well without -opengl4 flag though.

    How do I pull down the console? Do I have to add the mapping in a conf file for it? I want to enable Stat FPS.

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