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Thread: Linux software raid, is it super easy to move to another computer?

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    Question Linux software raid, is it super easy to move to another computer?

    That's all I need to know. If I set up a raid 1 mirroring, will it be easy to move?

    I don't intend on moving the raid array around but maybe once - I might end up upgrading next year and I don't want to run into motherboard/transfer issues. But I need the mirroring array now. I've read a lot of horror stories online with the cheap onboard raid options and some of the "signatures" that get left beind, and have no interest in buying a raid card. The performance loss that I might(or will) run into doesn't matter.

    I only care about portability.

    If it matters, I will be using SSDs.

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    I'm not sure. One would think that as long as your drives are connected to [the same?] a simple HBA controller and you're using the same OS/version of the RAID software/driver, then it should work perfectly fine. At least that's generally how ZFS works. Do you have two systems to test with before going ahead?

    However, backup/imaging software like Clonezilla don't seem to function when presented with software RAID/firmware RAID/"fake RAID" volumes: [see "Limitations", not sure what the "manual" method is]

    So keep that in mind, especially if you're booting your OS from your RAID volume, as you might want to back it up at some point in the future. I've recently run into this very issue with a RAID0 volume implemented using Intel's Matrix Storage firmware RAID (

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