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I requested a qoute on a single board, ~around 5000 So you CAN get one, if you have the spare cash..
Well, I guess, even if you are not scared after learning about the hefty price tag and are ready to pay that much money, then the corporatocrats in charge will make up some different reason to refuse selling it to you I know that at least one of the Gentoo developers tried to buy an X-GENE box for working on arm64 support and was ready to pay the requested several thousands dollars price, but this has not moved anywhere. Moreover, you will likely have to sign some binding agreements, which forbid to share the benchmark results or disclose some other information.

So everyone has to relax and just wait for the availability of the real 64-bit ARM processors in Linux powered consumer devices, such as tablets/smartphones and low cost devboards. They may probably show up on the market in half a year or so.