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Thread: When is Baytrail Tablets support arriving

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    Default When is Baytrail Tablets support arriving

    I want to buy a intel x86 Tablet maybe a Dell Venue 11 Pro, but when I googled after how u get Gnu Linux installed I more or less found out that its not possible right now.

    I was a bit suprised I kind of did fall for all the intel fanboys talking how good the opensource intel driver support is, and how its 100x better htan the amd support. So I did not even thought about that this x86 systems dont boot any GNU Linux.

    The one Selling point of intel tablets was for me, that it should run gnu linux while in 1000 years we will not see any arm tablet running a normal linux without android driver garbage.

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    Many Allwinner tablets can run proper linux.

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    A link that proofes that, would want most likely a fedora image and video encoding should work too.

    I have here a allwinner soc ok in mplayer it works kind of k not in xbmc but ok.

    k looked it up, every single allwinner tablets I find at least in germany is paired with a povervr chip so not linux compatible.

    not to mention that only ONE has fullhd. ok I am searching from 10" upwards. below it u get some with mali chips.

    Sorry I dont find anything concrete if I google allwinner tablet linux. it looks more like in THEORY it SHOULD be possible but not 1 person on earth ever did it.

    Would be happy if you proove me wrong.

    I think Intel was the best shot, and even 6 month to 1 year after releasing of bay trail they did not bring any real hardware except some soc boards into a running state.

    Linux and tablets (except u like the proprietary nsa android) are 2 different worlds.

    Hate it and find it also pretty stupid, at least that canonical got right, if linux is not happening on tablets or smartphones its marked dominance looses extremly.

    Sorry to late for better english.

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