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Thread: The D Language LLVM Compiler Updated With Numerous Changes

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    Awesome timing, just yesterday I installed DMD onto the Gentoo installation on my tablet (and tried compiling my Arcomage game with it on a i686 Linux for the first time; it compiles and runs, but often segfaults for some reason).

    Quote Originally Posted by Etzos View Post
    Perhaps you are talking about the multiple releases before D2 was considered stable? In that case it can just be attributed to the "in development" nature of D at the time. Version 2.00 was the base "we're going to be making huge breaking changes from the previous version for a while" and subsequent releases were considered non-stable until declared stable (strange, I know, but D has always had a weird way of versioning in my opinion).
    I'm not sure how that's strange... It makes sense for the major version to show the "development cycle". Versions like "1.99.9999999" are definitely not a better idea. It's true that "2.0" makes people think of stability, though, which is why I made my own versioning specification that deals with that problem as well:
    (Coincidentally I'm using it for the aforementioned Arcomage game, and it's currently version 1.alpha.12.05)

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    The timing on this is serendipitous - I was just working on getting DQt (a Qt wrapper library for D) working.
    D is an awesome language - it's a shame it's not more well known.

    Frontend, druntime and Phobos are at version 2.064.2. Building druntime/Phobos as shared libraries is not supported yet, but will likely be in the next 2.065-based release. The new DSO infrastructure to support shared libraries is already implemented.
    I'm looking forward to this - without it LDC is unusable under Sabayon due to hardened GCC requiring PIC.

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