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Thread: ASRock Z97 Extreme6

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    My first time posting. After reading the article and seeing this comment I purchased a new set of components for building a system based on the ASRock Z97 Extreme6. Haven't built a system in years and thought it would be fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by phoronix View Post
    Phoronix: ASRock Z97 Extreme6

    Those looking for an Intel Z97 motherboard that's Linux-friendly and jam-packed with features should checkout the ASRock Z97 Extreme6 as it should cost you less than $170 USD.
    Everything seemed to go well until it was time to power-up. I got a 00 (processor problem) code and about 1/2 second of power. ASRock support told me that the BIOS that came with the board did not support the i7 4790K and sent me a bios chip in the mail. I installed it and had the same problem so am returning the board to Newegg. A few random google searches seems to show similar problems. Does anyone have direct experience with this? Any suggestions as to what I may have done?

    I've tried two different boards now with two different processors (both were new i7-4790K)

    Proceed cautiously...

    P.S. Trying a Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 next as some folks seem to have good luck with Gigabyte boards. Any thoughts?

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    i had been planning new build for several months, my first in years, and finally decided to go with this board because (a) Michael's suggestion, (b) all the connectivity on the board and (c) it looked like a big play pen for hardware that i'd like to try. here's the gear i went with:

    ASRock Z97 Extreme6
    Intel Core i7-4790
    G.Skill RipJawsZ DIMM kit 16GB, DDR3-2400, CL9-11-11-31
    Crucial MX100 512GB
    HGST Deskstar NAS 4TB 7200rpm
    be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim
    2x Noctua NF-P14s redux-1200 PWM 140mm
    Cooler Master HAF XB Evo Cube
    Super Flower Leadex Gold 650W

    system build was a dream, love Love LOVE the Cooler Master case. basic tweaks for the fast memory and improved fan profiles was dead easy with good results. idle temps on CPU and mobo are ambient plus a few C, as expected.

    intalled Mint 17 KDE -- no problems -- and it's all up and running very nicely, typing this post on it now.

    system runs very quiet. under heavy load temps reach 50ish but the cooler works well (afaik) and the tweaked fan profiles bring cool-down time to a couple of seconds.

    overall i love it, a superb SOHO/multimedia system with the juice to do pretty much anything i throw at it including some real gaming once i get a good graphics card to go with. i know the processor and memory were overkill but i had my reasons and wanted the extra muscle on hand.

    one snafu: analog sound is buggered, totally washed out with static. unuseable. HDMI audio is fine.

    anyone have ideas how to fix the analog sound?
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    seems it's a known problem with ALC1150 on the Z97 chipset:

    Bug #1321421 8086:8ca0 Sound output distorted/unusable with Intel Z97/H97

    within the bug discussion is a fairly straightforward solution, simple addition to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf which does seem to fix things.

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    tried to post this yesterday .. discovered that there is a know problem in pre-3.16 kernels regarding analog audio and the ALC1150. see for details.

    turns out a localized fix is pretty straight-forward, a simple edit and reboot.

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    I also had some problems with this board. I've tried to install Arch but I wasn't able to boot Arch from an USB Stick (freeze at startup) or even Ubuntu from CD (blank screen). After adding the "acpi=off" parameter at the kernel line I've just got an kernel panic message.

    It turned out (after a few hours ), that my DVD drive was connected to a SATA port from the ASMedia chip and after disabling the chip/unplugging the drive everything works fine .

    So just in case that some of you are trying to use more than 6 SATA drives, you might get some problems.

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