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Thread: Mir Gains Support For "Trusted Prompt Sessions"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Attentäter View Post
    So they are making Ubuntu even more like Windows
    In the sense that Windows has a mechanism for creating un-fakeable authentication prompts, yes. But that's not a bad thing... it's a valuable feature, something that needs to be implemented at the compositor layer (or thereabouts) to be effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOne View Post
    How is sudo easy to fake??? can you elaborate on that?
    You pop up a dialog that mimics the official one in order to get the user to enter his or her password.

    But this is really nothing that special, kwin has had something like this pretty much since they first implemented compositing. There were some issues with xorg making it hard to properly authenticate windows, but this is apparently addressed with Wayland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uid313 View Post
    How about secure login with ctrl+alt+del?

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