I am really fed up with the constant turbojet fan that is my HD4850 in 3.12 and 3.13 kernels, and am ready to replace it. Looking for any suggestions. I am NOT brand loyal, and have swapped nVidia and ATI/AMD depending on what was the best value at the time. I have a few requirements that, if missing, are a deal breaker. I am slowly transitioning from Win7 and love Mint.

Current System:
Dual Boot: Win7 / Mint17
AMD RV770 (HD4850) 512MB
Intel Corei5
6GB Ram

My requirements for the new card:
1. Dual Head (at least 2 monitors)
2. NOT a performance downgrade (ie: be at least equal to the HD4850 in performance for games)
3. Run quieter than the full-on no DPM HD4850

So, if there is a way to either quiet this card (which, I hate to say, DPM works perfectly in Win), or replace it with something with better fan/noise/DPM management, I am open to suggestions (cards, drivers, etc?)