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Thread: There's Now 500 Games On Steam For Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calinou View Post
    Except that you aren't, if you're playing Steam games.
    Debian Developers for example has access to all Valve games for free, so they can play if they want ... that does not mean if they play they are not opensource freaks anymore .

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarmad View Post
    Thanks for bringing this up, I've never heard of Desura before. I'll check it up later tonight. Is this also a contained platform in the sense that installing games is just a matter of downloading them into a folder under your home directory like Steam does, or does it use apt or yum and litter you system folders when you install games?
    It's like Steam, but focused on indie games and without Steams widely loved social features. Also: it doesn't require to use the client app, you can download zipped games directly from their website.

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