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Thread: Phoronix Turns Ten Years Old, PTS Turns Six Years Old

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    Happy 10th birthday to Phoronix and congratulations for all the hard work you are doing here Michael!
    Much success for the future

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    I've been lurking for years, but I just had to join to say Happy 10th birthday and thanks for all the quality articles.

    Sometimes I think you're just an advanced AI.

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    Thanks for all the birthday greetings!

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    in front of my box :p


    Ah, somebody already brought the beer. Oh, well. Then happy birthday Phoronix anyway. The recent GPU comparisons show how much time also passed since phoronix started. I think I remember having seen phoronix first arond the time when radeonHD was about to start. Back in the time it was not better than a vesa driver and now we see a quite well performing driver that is mature in many aspects. I say we had a good coverage on a lot of development for GPUs as well as other parts.
    Hopefully I'll get a job so I can support again.

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