It seems this issue is getting a lot of attention around the web, and I thought the Phoronix community should know that the process required in order to successfully install the current AMD Catalyst 14.4 (fglrx) driver on Fedora 20 using the latest kernel (3.14.*) is available on my blog. I've posted the link to the blog entry in two separate comment threads, and I've tried private messaging Michael himself to ask that it be posted as a major post on Phoronix (especially in light of the latest major post dealing with the Catalyst driver's installation on Fedora 20) but his inbox is overflowing and he can't receive any more private messages, sadly.

The blog is here:

Additionally, you may be interested in seeing the massive gains in performance I have detected (using the Phoronix Test Suite!) when using the AMD Catalyst 14.4 Release Candidate driver instead of the AMD Catalyst 14.4 driver:

Let me know if you encounter any problems - I'm always up for some troubleshooting.