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Given that even a proprietary driver runs over the Linux kernel and neutralizes any "protected" audio and video paths, I'm surprised Hollywood does not require carefully removing all DRM code or code that could be used to reverse-engineer DRM from AMD and Nvidia closed drivers capable of running with the "untrusted" Linux kernel.

No computer can be simultaniously trusted by two parties who are in an adversarial relationship. It can be trusted by one or by none. Since users and kernel hackers control the Linux kernel, that means Hollywood does not control it and it can be (and SHOULD be) used as an attack vector against their DRM. Think: if the Nvidia blob is essentially the same code in Windows and Linux, an attack against Blu-Ray or streaming DRM written on a Linux box using Wine to trick the upstream provider could then be ported to Windows to allow all end consumers to copy their proprietary 5 channel sound without just cutting open the speaker cabinets to add resistors and mic jacks-and all their "encrypted" video footage.

Would I use a kernel written by the police to decrypt and mount my encrypted drives full of raw protest video? No fucking way!
You seem confused.

DRM has *nothing* to do with encryption.