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  1. I develop using GoLang

    Which compiler should I use for the best performance? GoLang has the advantage of most its libraries being in Go (like SSL), so the performance difference between compilers could be huge.
  2. Good directions

    An IR that many drivers use is also a great advantage in breaking-up this monsterous structure that has become Graphics Driver Development. Being compatible with every OpenGL standard is very...
  3. Events vs language.

    As for language speed:
    Managing asynchronous processing is far more important for most workloads that wait on network, pipe, or disk.

    Asynchronous-first languages like Javscript or Google Go have...
  4. Both Archaic?

    I presumed now that fiddling with out-of-band (high risk) extra patches will soon be obsoleted by CRIU.

    One could once-and-for-all solve this by:
    1. Pausing processes
    2. Using CRIU to save the...
  5. Seconded

    I also want to know the best combo. Please think like an admin when testing:
    1. Take corruption switches out of consideration
    2. Find the best combination.
  6. Huge for Containers (LXC)

    I'm not sure how the article missed it, but this could be the last piece needed for Linux Containers (LXC) to reach acceptability for cloud Linux providers. With this, you can now live-migrate the...
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    Code duplication.

    I was thinking exactly this. Cryptography may even be a good place to put it, but something similar should be made to reduce duplication when BTRFS, ZRam, ZSwap, init, network?, etc can all use these.
  8. Duplicate

    It appears as duplication to me, but:
    - It's not a fork, which for 3-year-old unused software feels like a good thing.
    - It's a place desperate for efforts, which is why most complain. Duplicate or...
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    Good job

    As someone who has this as my only option for an embedded system, I can say this library (though not perfect) does very well. My biggest complaint was performance during non-obvious queries, which is...
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    X32 gains use of better instructions that came...

    X32 gains use of better instructions that came with the 64-bit standard. ARM's various instruction sets similarly add & remove what works there.

    X32 userspace can/should sit on an AMD64 kernel, so...
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    It's not merged yet:...

    It's not merged yet:

    It was very active just 2 months ago. It may make it in yet.
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    Support less

    Yes, but 32-bit-only x86 hardware is becoming obsolete, and most for-Linux software is following. A distro could support only the handful of 64-bit programs they must (drivers & those like what I...
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    Advantage = Speed

    Those shorter 32-bit instructions mean the CPU can visit more of them per second than in 64-bit (think memory bandwidth). More programs can live in the CPU cache.
    But you also get the gains of more...
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    Needs a second look

    They didn't care to see if the bugs were fixed already?
    And their solution for hung snapshot tasks was to revert to a filesystem without snapshots?

    My favorite benefit is LZO compression If LZO...
  15. Performance?

    I'd be interested when they switch this if it's faster. Presumably that's the point.
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    On phones..

    The CPU isn't the highest power consumer, the display is. When I get the result I'm waiting for, I turn off the screen.

    Here a faster CPU is a better gain than a slower with considerably better...
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    More things parallelizable

    What else hasn't been made parallel that would benefit most Linux users?
    Honest question. This is basically low-hanging fruit nowadays.
  18. Maemo, not the kernel

    The system had access to 3D drivers, but nothing (stock) really used them: No compositing or hardware-based rendering. It was also very difficult to find applications to use them. So yes, a driver to...
  19. Maemo on N900 refused 3D drivers b/c of the...

    Maemo on N900 refused 3D drivers b/c of the closed-source reason. Ubuntu made it big with great 3D on closed drivers before they became open, so I'd think the same will happen in mobile.
    Since Mir...
  20. Thanks Drew

    Thanks for the work on this. With numbers like these, the community will join you.
    Since PHP 5.4 released in Mar. 2012, my biggest concern would be in unimplemented features. Any plans to catch-up...
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